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---------- Spring 2006 ----------

With spring fast approaching Blue Tits are prospecting ready for the impending breeding season. This individual was surveying the view after a busy morning chasing off other birds from the garden.


Whilst strolling around a local farm I suddenly felt I was being watched, this Fox had presumably heard me and was waiting to see if I noticed it. No sooner had I got my camera out and taken this shot it slunk off to find another discreet hiding place.


Whether they are considered a pest or a pet, Rabbits can provide hours of entertainment as they play. This moth-eaten individual was rolling around and leaping in the spring sun one minute then settling down to eat the next.


Having spent the winter months surviving on our exposed coastline, Rock Pipits are preparing to return to the rocky coasts of the north and west to breed. It is a slightly bigger and darker bird than the resident Meadow Pipit, which with a good view can be easily identified.


Having been largely nocturnal during the winter months, Roe Deer begin to become more visible from March onwards in areas of low disturbance. Roe Deer have excellent hearing and an acute sense of smell but can be very approachable as with this individual.    All photographs copyright Trevor Codlin

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All Photographs Copyright Trevor Codlin 2002 - 2006