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~~~~~ Hampshirecam Scrapebook ~~~~~

Perched on a suitable vantage point this kestrel on the alert for an evening meal.


Kestrels are far from this rabbit's mind as he makes haste...

...for a wash and brush up...


...before a tasty meal.


A Painted Lady butterfly relaxing on a wall in the sunshine. This year Britain saw a huge migration of millions of these butterflies arriving in May and June from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco where apparently the heavy rains had led to the growth of the correct food for the caterpillars. The painted lady has a one month metamorphosis period, that's from being an egg to a caterpillar to a butterfly. Consequently there have been sightings of these butterflies all summer as the eggs of the May/June arrivals are now hatching. In the autumn they will all depart for warmer climes in Morocco and Africa.


Starlings young and old - Pssst don't look, there's a photographer behind us...


...young birds are always asking for more...


...and this hungry mouth took some filling.


Feeding youngsters is hard work - this Great Tit sat on the fence for some time before deciding against feeding his brood and ate the caterpillar himself.


A Long Tailed Tit.


"Do you like my top knot? - I knew a photographer would be along soon".


A small white butterfly on a thistle head,


Lazing on a sunny afternoon.


The Little Egret sat in this tree for some time keeping his eye open for a likely fish, but all to no avail.

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