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Afternoon feeding ~ The birds are fed twice a day and this signals the start of a few minutes of frenetic activity as they all vye for their share of the food.                                                                                   All photographs © David Packman


Visitors in the comfort of the viewing lounge watch the birds tuck into more feed.


Wait for us, Red Breasted Geese hurrying for their food.


A male Mandarin Duck in moult.


Ruddy Shelduck.

Legless, well not quite, a White Stork at rest.

A Tern, which variety I'm not sure, stretching its wings in Pensthorpe Dulverton Aviary.




A Chiloe Wigeon.


Rest assured it isn't real, this giant metal dragonfly looks at home in the reeds.


High and dry ~ The end of the day and one of the boats used by Pensthorpe staff to move around the lakes.

All photographs © David Packman

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