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Pensthorpe Nature Reserve at Fakenham sits in the Wensum Valley with the Wensum River running through the heart of the reserve. In 2004 the River Wensum was made a European Special Area Of Conservation (SAC) to protect the animals and vegetation that flourish in its' rich habitat. The river was given Europe's highest nature conservation designation due in part to its remarkable chalk stream fauna, which includes otters, white-clawed crayfish, dragonfly and damselfly species. The river's water quality also means that fish like the brown trout thrive.


The reserve, created by Bill Makins 20 years ago provides 600 acres of precious habitat for birds, insects and plants, in 2003 Bill and Deb Jordan, of Jordan Cereals bought the reserve. Pensthorpe is not only a nature reserve but plays an important role in local conservation projects. In January 2003 the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust was formed to continue the work of the original Pensthorpe Waterfowl Trust under the chairmanship of Professor David Bellamy. The trust's key aims include captive breeding of threatened species, particularly those associated with the wetlands. In May 2007 the Pensthorpe Conservation Centre opened the first of its kind in the UK, the centre is dedicated to the reintroducing and re-establishing of wetland bird species.                                                                          All photographs © David Packman


The Visitors' Viewing Lounge overlooking one of the lakes at Pensthorpe affords visitors the opportunity to sit and watch the bird activity in comfort.


A pair of Puna Teal.


Who's watching who?


The brightly coloured Scarlet Ibis.


Tufted Duck.


The following four images were taken in Pensthorpe Dulverton Aviary. Little Egret...


...Black Winged Stilt...


...a juvenile Black Winged Stilt...


...a juvenile Lapwing, despite its widespread decline it still remains a familiar bird in the UK.


The ornate plumage of the male Mandarin Duck.                                                        All photographs © David Packman

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