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Situated in County Durham Raby Castle is one of England's largest and most impressive of medieval castles. Built in the 14th century by the Nevill family on the site of an earlier fortified manor house, they owned it until the Rising of the North in 1569. Raby has been the home of the Barnard family since 1626, today it's home to Harry John Neville Vane, the 11th Lord Barnard. No photographs from inside the castle as cameras are banned.              All photographs © David Packman




Raby Estate encompasses large areas of Teesdale with many tenanted farms and large numbers of houses in villages around the dale, many of the families being tenants for several generations. The Estate plays a major role in the structure of the countryside with the main emphasis being conservation. As well as thousands of acres of arable, grazing and moorland there's also a large area of managed woodland. Raby employs a large team of craftsmen to develop and maintain properties and buildings across the Estate.


The Coach House contains 18th and 19th century coaches and carriages and a Tack Room. The Tack Room has displays, no photography allowed, of the harness and other trappings for coach horses, also the Livery worn by the Coachman in the Edwardian period.












One of the gardens lined by two old yew hedges with an ornamental pond, originally constructed to provide water for the Kitchen Garden.                                                                                                      All photographs © David Packman

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