HampshireCam Travels ~ Norfolk Odyssey Part Two

Windmills always seem to be synonymous with Norfolk, this one stands in the picturesque village of Cley Next the Sea on the North Norfolk coast.


Pedal power.


Broad Water near Lexham Hall...


...a Moorhen keeping its feet dry...


...in the field adjoining the water, sheep took exception to these Egyptian Geese, rounding them up and forcing them into the water...




...while a pair of swans go serenely on their way...


...and a passing Pheasant also pauses to watch proceedings before going on its way.


Here's looking at you.


Fresh hopes have been raised for the future of the Small Tortoiseshell, many experts were worried that the butterfly was a dying breed after many had fallen victim to a parasitic fly. A late summer influx from mainland Europe saw hundreds of the butterflies spotted on the east coast in August and September and many more in the central and southern counties of England in the first half of September.


Often called the bread basket of England. East Anglia is probably best known for its cereal crops, with farmers growing more than a quarter of England's wheat and barley.


Last year out of the 1.4 million hectares of farmed land almost a third of it was used for the production of wheat.

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