HampshireCam Travels ~ Cornwall - Golitha Falls and Portreath

The final set of photographs from a brief wet and windy visit to Cornwall at the end of March

Located on the southern edge of Bodmin Moor the well known Golitha National Nature Reserve is an area of woodland in a steep-sided valley gorge. The upper reaches of the River Fowey flows through the wooded gorge over a spectacular series of waterfalls. On the higher slopes of the reserve you can find the shafts of the old mine workings. It's said that coppicing at Golitha probably goes back to at least the time of the Doomsday book.                    All photographs © David Packman





The reserve is notable for its diverse collection of moss species numbering some 98 in total.

A small pocket of frozen snow lying on a bed of moss.           The bed of the gorge is a sea of tree roots.

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Two of the beautiful wildlife wood carvings at Golitha.




All photographs © David Packman

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