HampshireCam Travels ~ Yorkshire Dales Scrapbook 2007 - Part 2

Photographed from Harkerside Moor the once thriving village of Reeth sits at the junction between Arkengarthdale and Swaledale. Today like many other villages in the dales it relies to a large extent on the tourist industry for income, although there are still many working farms in the dale.                                               All photographs © David Packman


Reeth Community Orchard ~ Surrounded by high walls the garden behind the old Barclays Bank had remained hidden to local people for many years. After the bank closed the garden was in a very overgrown and neglected condition, but after two years of hard work by volunteers of the Reeth Community Orchard group the Orchard was opened to the public in 2004.




A Thrush hunting among the flower beds for something to eat.


A modern style butterfly decorates one of the garden walls.


According to a recent report hedgehogs are disappearing at such a rate that could render them extinct in England by 2025. The biggest problem is no one knows what's killing them, evidence suggests they fare better in the leafy suburbs than in open countryside. So back home to the village is your best bet and don't wander into the countryside.


Swaledale ~ Looking over Summer Lodge along Bloody Vale with Crackpot Moor and the summit of Blea Barf on the right.


On watch, but for what?


A modern Bo-Peep. This collection of sheep followed him to the bottom of the field where they were fed.


A Lapwing sweeps low over the countryside.

Wensleydale ~ Having driven past this weather vane for the last few years I at last stopped to have a closer look. Made of wood, at the four points of a compass it has wooden carving depicting a rams head, two birds, a Wensleydale cheese I think, and on top of the support a fish.

All photographs © David Packman

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