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A lack of sun and an excess of rain sums up this years jaunt around the dales

Barnard Castle ~ Set high on a rock above the River Tees, the imposing castle was the stronghold of the Balliol family who rebuilt the castle in the12th century. Unsuccessfully besieged by the Scots in 1216, it was confiscated when John de Balliol, briefly King of Scotland, was deposed by Edward I. and again saw action during the Northern Rising against Queen Elizabeth l in 1569.                                                                                        All photographs © David Packman


The remains of the Great Hall and Round Tower, in the foreground you can just see the bottom of the Great Ditch which leads to a Sally Port. In the 17th century the castle was sold to Sir Henry Vane of nearby Raby, who largely dismantled the castle for its materials when he extensively rebuilt his home at Raby Castle.


The view of the River Tees from a window in the Great Hall. The Tees rises high in the Pennines near Cross Fell.


The Sensory Garden created by the Barnard Castle Rotary Club in the grounds of the castle.




The bench in the garden was created by Keith Alexander. Carved from local stone the fish depict the fish ponds that once occupied this part of the castle.


The road into the historic market town from the south and west passes over an ancient bridge which crosses the River Tees.


Market Cross ~ Dating from 1747 the two-storey building had somewhat of a chequered life being used as a town hall, butter market, lock-up, court room and a fire station. The slate roofs are crowned by a bell tower and weather vane which still has two bullet holes in it from 1804.

An ornate drinking fountain dated 1874.                                Bowes Museum, a little more on page 2.

All photographs © David Packman

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