HampshireCam Travels ~ Yorkshire Dales Scrapbook

A selection of photographs from our annual jaunt around the Dales

Wensleydale - Lying a couple of miles south west of Bainbridge Semer Water is Yorkshire's only natural lake. A folk tale about Semer or Simmer Water says it's the site of the lost village of Simmerdale, sometimes referred to as Old Bainbridge which was submerged as a judgement on the wickedness of the inhabitants.All photographs © David Packman


Enjoying the afternoon sun on Semer Water a couple of Great Crested Grebes are buzzed by a low flying Swallow. The adult male Grebe is on the right the other being a juvenile.


Swaledale - What must be the finest way to travel over the high fells. This
lady was riding with a full western saddle and bridle and returning home.


Redmire Moor - Small Copper Butterfly.


Wensleydale - Sometime during the late 12th century the Order of the Knights Templar built houses and a chapel on the northern slopes of Penhill. The land is thought to have been given to the Knights Templar by William Akar a Norman baron. During their existence many of the Knights strange religious customs resulted in malicious accusations being levied against them. By the early 14th century largely as a result of the accusations the land and buildings were siezed by King Edward ll. The master of the house Thomas de Bellerby and many of the Knights were siezed and imprisoned in York Castle, later to be tortured and killed. Today all that remains are parts of the chapel's altar base, two stone coffins with their cover slabs and parts of the outer walls.




Wensleydale - High Force on the River Ure at Aysgarth Falls. In the background the old water mill has recently been privately renovated and is due to start generating electricity soon, which I believe is being sold to the national grid.


Is there anymore Grouse here...


...only me and all I can see are young Pheasants.




The late afternoon sun shortly to disappear behind the lower slopes of Whernside, one of the Dales famous three peaks. In the foreground the Settle to Carlisle sprinter crossing Ribblehead Viaduct, click on the image for its arrival.

All photographs © David Packman

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