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A selection of photographs taken during a short holiday in Dorset

Lulworth Castle was built by Thomas Howard, the 3rd Lord Bindon in the early 17th century as a hunting lodge to host hunting parties for King James I. The Castle changed little over the years until it was gutted in 1929 by a disastrous fire, it was then left as a ruin for many years until restoration by English Heritage was completed in 1998. Photo: David Packman


Views over the grounds of the castle and the Purbeck Hills. Click on the photograph below for an enlargement of the hills.

Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


The tower of St Andrew's and beyond that the sea at Worbarrow Bay.                                           Photo: David Packman


Part of the large kitchen and cooking range "below stairs".                                                           Photo: David Packman


Two views of a large hall, its wall stripped bare of plaster and panelling by the fire.                         Photo: David Packman


                                                                         Photo: David Packman


Some of the derelict buildings in the Tyneham valley. In 1943 the wartime government requisitioned Tyneham for the training of British and American soldiers, the village was evacuated a few days before Christmas 1943. At the end of the war despite a solemn promise to return the land and property to its owners the government reneged on their promise and retained Tyneham and its valley as a gunnery range. The village is usually open every weekend, bank holiday and the whole of August, but check first.

Photo: David Packman


Looking across the Tyneham Valley from one of the MOD viewpoints towards St Alban's Head. In the distance the white building in the trees is Smedmore House, also requisitioned during the war but returned to its owners and now restored.

Photo: David Packman

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