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The museum's smaller 18ft overshot water-wheel was built at Wheal Martyn in about 1902.            Photo: David Packman


Examples of local bricks embossed with the company name.                                                      Photo: David Packman


A 19th century clay worker's kitchen. The average wage for a seven and a half day working week was 12.5p in todays money, and the yearly rent for a small house 3 - 4 per year.     Photo: David Packman


                                                                          Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


A model waterwheel and pump built by Mr H Bligh of Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire.

Photo: David Packman


The Lee Moor No1 saddle tank locomotive. Built in 1899 the loco worked the bleak Lee Moor Tramway in Devon for 48 years. After being left derelict for more than 20 years it was restored by the Lee Moor Tramway Preservation Society.                                                                         Photo: David Packman


Some of the many outdoor exhibits in the Yard and Transport section.                 Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman

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