HampshireCam Travels ~ Reeth in Swaledale, North Yorkshire

The once thriving Swaledale village of Reeth, photographed from Harkerside Moor. At the height of the lead mining industry in the 19th century the village population was many times its present day size. Today like many other villages in the dales it relies to a large extent on the tourist industry for income, althought there are still many farms in the dale.

Photo: David Packman


Late afternoon and a farmer's work is never finished...                                                                  Photo: David Packman


...but later and all you can hear are the birds singing.                                                                  Photo: David Packman


Goldfinches in abundance.                                                                                                        Photo: David Packman


A House Sparrow and Dunnock foraging for food.                                                Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


Swallows also on the hunt for food.                                                                   Photo: David Packman


Two of the many picturesque cottages that survive in Reeth.                                                        Photo: David Packman


The patchwork of fields that make-up Swaledale.                                                                         Photo: David Packman


Red Grouse keeping a low profile. I wonder why?                                                                         Photo: David Packman

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