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Situated in the village of Castle Bolton, Wensleydale, the castle is a spectacular mediaeval fortress, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Built by Richard le Scrope, 1st Lord Scrope of Bolton and Lord Chancellor of England it was completed in 1399 after taking 18 years to build. During its long history Bolton Castle has never been sold, and still remains in the private ownership of Lord Bolton, Richard le Scropes' descendant.                                                Photo: David Packman


During the Civil War the castle was a royalist stronghold, it was besieged and fell to Cromwell in 1645, although three-quarters of the outside of the castle is still complete. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in the castle for six months by Lord Henry Scrope, under the orders of Queen Elizabeth I.                                                      Photo: David Packman


The Private Apartments - The Great Chamber for private entertaining...                                          Photo: David Packman


...the family's Sitting Room...                                                                                                    Photo: David Packman


...and the Ladies Bed Chamber.                                                                                                Photo: David Packman


                                                    Photos: David Packman

A priest at prayer in one of the three small priest cells.              Photo: David Packman


The small village of Castle Bolton.                                                                                              Photo: David Packman

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