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After six hours of waiting and watching I managed to catch this female badger arriving for her nightly raid of the bird food.

Photo: David Packman

Trevone and Little Petherick, North Cornwall

Storm clouds gathering over Trevose Head...                                                                               Photo: David Packman


...but a few hours later the picture has totally changed...                                                              Photo: David Packman


...the sun's out, but the seas are still running high aided by a strong wind.                                     Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


Battling against the wind on the coastal footpath.                                               Photo: David Packman


The storm is abating...Newtrain Bay with the houses of Trevone in the background.                        Photo: David Packman


A colourful collection of sea shells.                                                                   Photo: David Packman


The following day a calm sea and local fishermen at work off Gulland Rock.         Photo: David Packman


Autumn ploughing well under way.                                                                    Photo: David Packman


One of many beautiful sunsets.                                                                                                 Photo: David Packman

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