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The small village of Little Bedwyn sits astride the Kennet and Avon Canal. The church of St Michael's stands at the north end of the village on the north-west bank of the Dun, formerly called the River Bedwyn.                  Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


The Kennet and Avon offers anglers many good opportunities for fishing...            Photo: David Packman


...but even they have to contend with the British summer.   Photo: David Packman

Two of the canal's local residents.

                                        Photos: David Packman

What more peaceful way to spend a holiday.                                                     Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


The end of another day.                                                           Photo: David Packman


Wilton Windmill stands on the hill above the adjacent valley. It was built in 1821 after the canal company had taken water from the River Bedwyn for their own use, thus taking away the power to drive several water mills in the vicinity. The mill worked until 1920 when it became a victim of steam and electrical power and stopped operating. Alter lying derelict for many years it was bought by Wiltshire County Council and leased to the Wiltshire Historic Buildings Trust, who together were responsible for the mills restoration. When the mill was built in 1821 it cost 500; to restore it a 150 years later the bill amounted to 25,000. Today it's the only working windmill in Wiltshire.                               Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman

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