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Hampshirecam Scrapbook ~ Swallows and Blue Tits

As promised a few weeks ago more of the Swallow chicks, I found them waiting to be fed on the roof of our holiday cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.                                                                                  All photographs © David Packman












For some its all just to much and time for a nap.


After ten minutes of hectic feeding they all departed for a nearby wood.


At home the HampshireCam Blue Tits again nested. But very few images this year, after keeping watch for many hours they fledged in the very early hours of the morning when most people would have been asleep. I caught the last one leaving just as the sun came out hence the flash lighting. Above the adults in pristine condition before the feeding started.


trying to tempt the last chick to fly...


...still no success, so a little more bribary...


...still very apprehensive...


...and finally away into a tree, never to be seen again.                                                 All photographs © David Packman

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