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  Photographs: Monday 29th September 2008
Hampshirecam Scrapbook including Grebes, Young Swallows and Blue Tits
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The picturesque Isington Mill near Alton with its square sided hop kilns. The mill was the home for many years of Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, famous for his victory at El Alamein and commanding the land forces during the D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944.                                                                                   All photographs © David Packman


Mother love...


On guard or on the lookout for a meal...


...Hover Fly...


...a grey squirrel tucking into a meal of yew berries.


The church of St Leonard's which stands beside the old village pond is all that remains of Hartley Mauditt near Alton. The church was built in the 12th century by William de Mauditt, who also built the manor house. After the de Mauditts, the manor passed through several families and by the end of the 18th century its owner lived elsewhere and the house was demolished. With the loss of employment the village was eventually abandoned and has now completely disappeared...


...apart from this monster from the deep, which I think is a Carp.


Located on the north west boundary of the New Forest the historic market town of Fordingbridge sits astride the River Avon. The southern entrance to the town is over the Great Bridge which dates from about the mid 13th century.


The River Test with the eel traps raised near Longstock.


To finish - Peacefully sailing in Southampton Water...                                                        


...while in the Solent a wind surfer takes advantage of a good wind...                                                        

...and young and old enjoy a burst of speed on a jetski.                                               All photographs © David Packman

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