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Located on the north west boundary of the New Forest the historic market town of Fordingbridge, originally known as "Forde" and "bridge" sits astride the River Avon. The southern entrance to the town is over the Great Bridge which dates from about 1286 or possibly even earlier.


One thing related to summer days and always appearing bright is the sunflower, these two stand over 12 feet high.


Hinton Ampner was created largely by one man, Ralph Dutton, the 8th and last Lord Sherborne. Ralph Dutton's first ancestor to live at Hinton Ampner was Sir Thomas Stewkeley in 1597, who lived in a building that had been built earlier that century. The Tudor house survived until 1793 when it was demolished to make way for a brick Georgian house which forms the core of the present house, it was further remodelled and enlarged in the neo-Tudor style in 1867 by Ralph Dutton's grandfather.




One of the first things Ralph Dutton did after inheriting the estate in 1935 was to demolish most of the building to reveal the Georgian core of the house. It was also the start of the redesigning and planting of the garden and grounds you see today, but the task wasn't completed until 1960, having been interrupted by the Second World War.


Alresford ~ The River Alre with its river bank changing into its autumn coat of many colours...

...leaves turning to their beautiful autumn colours.


A Gatekeeper butterfly resting on an oak leaf.


Nether Wallop ~ I imagine this cottage resembles most people's idea of what a typical English country cottage would look like, and in many cases it is.


The fifth of November painting the sky with light.


Christmas lights, Alresford's Broad Street...


...and Winchester's precinct.

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