Page 3 - A further selection of HampshireCam images from 2007

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens ~ Framed by some of this exhibition's pieces, this is where it all started in 1953 when Harold Hillier and his wife Barbara moved into Jermyn's House. He then spent the next twenty five years transforming the land around their home into a garden and arboretum and the internationally renowned collection of hardy trees and shrubs you see today. In fact the Hillier dynasty goes back to 1864 when young Edwin Hillier bought the first small nursery and florist's shop in Winchester.


"Art in the Garden" is now in its eighth year. The exhibition is organised by Underground Art plus Design, a not for profit organisation set to promote the work of artists and designers. The exhibition gives artists the opportunity to display their work in the beautiful setting of the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens.


A couple of images shot on the moors in Yorkshire ~ The Curlew is Europe's largest wading bird, and is easily recognised by its long down-curved bill and long legs. Sadly this is yet another bird on the decline caused by the loss of habitat due to agricultural intensification...


...not on the decline, unless you're in the sights of a hunter, adult Red Grouse hurry their young further into the moor away from my prying lens.


Titchfield ~ Some of the buildings in South Street date from the 15th century...


...a Wisteria covered cottage in Bridge Street.


The head of a Hover Fly spotted with the pollen from a Campanula.


A crop you can smell from a long way off ~ Lavender.


What goes around comes around, time to gather the harvest in.


A fisherman's bridge over the River Itchen.


Dew drop...


In flight refuelling...the beautifully agile Swallow feeding one of its young.


At rest in Hill Head harbour.


The P&O Oceana sails out of the Solent on a cruise to the Canaries acccompanied by some slightly more energetic sailing craft in the shape of windsurfers.

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