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East Meon ~ The first record of East Meon occurs in the 11th century, when the manor was granted to the monks at Winchester. Towering over the village is the spire of All Saints Church the oldest building in the parish which dates to the 12th century. The church font is a black Tournai marble font dating to about 1130-40 and only one of a handful of such fonts in the country. The village is situated near the source of the famous River Meon on which Izaak Walton spent much of his time fishing, after passing through the village it finishes its journey at Titchfield Haven where it enters the Solent.


Probably my favourite building, some parts of Heycroft House date to the late 16th early 17th century. The attractive eastern elevation consists mainly of herringbone brickwork.


On my way home after the trip to East Meon, I first came across a Red Kite and spent a fascinating ten minutes watching it soar on the thermals. Fifteen minutes later nearer to Winchester I then came across a pair of Buzzards also soaring on thermals, with this one being constantly harried by a Rook.


The River Hamble south of the M27 and Bursledon road bridge.


More and more of our fields seem to be growing Oilseed Rape, but is this at the cost of growing less food crops?


Red Tulips.


The River Dever at Hunton alive with Yellow Iris.


Another year on and it's time again for Blue Tits to bring a new famliy into the world...the eggs have hatched and now the feeding frenzy starts, here a spider is on offer...


...fledging time is here and chick three rests in a small Maple tree and gives the camera a rather indignant look.


The origins of Hamble le Rice and its name are somewhat uncertain. There's evidence of occupation by the Romans who built a fortress on the Common in 410 AD, and of an earlier Neolithic settlement. Today Hamble and the Hamble River is probably best known as one of the major UK yachting centres. The building on the right is the headquarters of the Royal Southern Yacht Club founded in 1837.


Time to fish the Hamble and read the paper, with three rods out I wonder if his patience was rewarded.


A pair of beautifully coloured Goldfinches feeding on black niger seed.


Bluebells in Bere Forest near Wickham.

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