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A small selection of HampshireCam images that appeared during 2007

A beautiful winter sunrise doesn't always bring a beautiful day...


...this day like the one above started with a nice sunrise, but soon we had storm clouds gathering over the New Forest.


After one of the wettest winters on record and for the first time in three years the south's reservoirs and aquifers are full. The water companies lifted their water restrictions which in some places had been in place since the summer of 2005.


Motherly love...


A Robin heads out in its never ending quest for food....

...but it's still very cold in the early mornings...


...with mist rising over the River Itchen.


This Dabchick has caught a meal...


... while the Little Egret didn't catch a thing for the hour I watched it, the fact it was surrounded by a flock of Wagtails as it walked up and down the river perhaps didn't help.


The River Meon on its way to the sea.


Have you got the message?


Rockbourne Roman Villa - The museum displays were completely refurbished in 1987/88 and now stands as a tribute to Morley Hewitt and his helpers. A field mouse about to enjoy a good meal.


The villa stood in the centre of a large farming estate and was discovered in 1942 when a farmer digging out a ferret found oyster shells and tiles. Local antiquarian Morley Hewitt, with a band of volunteers devoted the next 30 years to unearthing the villa, which is the largest known Roman villa in the area. Above part of the hypocaust - underfloor heating system at Rockbourne. During the excavation over 70 rooms were discovered, although they were not all of the same period. The site's history spans the period from the Iron Age to the 5th century. Since 1979 the site has been owned by Hampshire County Council with most of the excavations now backfilled to prevent further damage.

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