Page 4 - A further selection of HampshireCam images from 2006

Horse and rider as one enjoying an early morning exercise near Godshill Inclosure in the New Forest.


Lymington - A colourful display at the entrance to the Bath Road Recreation Ground. The ground includes a pond and a band stand and makes an ideal place to view the river and coastline.


Lymington - Mirror image, a pair of Wight Link ferries at the mouth of the Lymington River on their journeys to and from Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.


King's Somborne in the Test Valley - One of the many picturesque cottages in the village.


Hover Flies are one of the most recognizable of all flies due to their wasp or bee like appearance and their skill at hovering. The Hover Fly which feeds mainly on nectar and honeydew has an important role as a plant pollinator and pest controller, but with 6000 species I won't attempt to name the one above.


Romsey Abbey - St. Mary and St. Ethelflaeda. The original wooden church was built in 10th century by Benedictine nuns, the rebuilding started in 1120 and continuing for over a hundred years, today the abbey is considered to be one of the finest Norman buildings in England. The oldest item in the Abbey is a Saxon crucifix which dates from the year 1000AD.


The Common Darter seen mainly mid summer and autumn over most of lowland Britain.


Winchester Precinct in festive mood.


Winchester Cathedral and the City Council have provided an outdoor ice skating rink located in the Inner Close, with the Cathedral providing an interesting background. The rink is open from 1 December to 7 January 2007 with a café immediately behind the rink selling seasonal refreshments. During the first week a Christmas Market in over 40 log chalets also took place.

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