Page 3 - A further selection of HampshireCam images from 2005

Winchester - The autumn sun burns its way through the early morning mist.


Autumn visit to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. Click on the image for more photographs from the museum.


River Itchen - All is not what is seems. If you look at the river banks your'll see the water level is very low, in fact there's been no substantial rain since well before Christmas.


Swifts skim above the river catching May flies in their never ending quest for food.


Swans on the River Itchen near Martyr Worthy.


New Forest Robin.


Lymington River.


Up Somborne - Harvesting well under way, in some cases it resembles a dust storm.


Upper Mill at East Aston was built in the 1870s and remained a working flour mill until the early 1900s. Later it was used to supply electricity to the mill and Longparish House.

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