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~~~~~ Hampshirecam Birds ~~~~~
A small selection of feathered friends that passed my lens during the year

Large...circling on the thermals a Buzzard on the lookout for prey.                                All photographs © David Packman


Little...the Wren is one of our smallest birds and rather unobtrustive as it prefers undergrowth and hedgerows. Fortunately it's very vocal and the unobserved bird is often easily detected.


A proud looking adult male Green Woodpecker, often heard but not so easliy seen... of its young offspring investigates a tree...


...while another one tucks into one of its favourite meals, ants collected on its long sticky tongue.


The shy but distinctive Jay. Less than an hour after photographing the Woodpeckers the Jay appeared in the same tree above, harried by Magpies I managed three frames before it was chased away.


Keyhaven Marshes ~ Brent Geese...




Titchfield Haven ~ Grey Heron.


A pair of young Collared Doves.                                                        


On guard, a Magpie at the entrance to its nest.                                                        


Bird bath ~ A juvenile Blackbird.                                                                                All photographs © David Packman

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Caption details are based on the latest available  information and are accurate to the best of my knowledge. Although the images are very heavily compressed you are welcome to use them for your own non-commercial use. If you do please credit HampshireCam or add a link  to these pages.

All Photographs copyright David Packman © 2002 - 2009 (All Rights Reserved)