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  Norfolk Odyssey ~ Part One
  Monday 24th November 2008

~~~~ New Forest Scrapbook ~~~~

Over the last few weeks I've had the opportunity to look at the background colours of the website, the
new background I hope will enhance the colours in the photographs. Any comments welcome.

A Fallow Buck stands proud with a fine set of antlers.


Antlers galore, a group of bucks rest in the long grass.


The most familiar colour is tan and fawn with white spotting on the flanks...


                                   ...and a white rump patch, outlined with a black horse-shoe.


Does grazing on the summer grasses. During the autumn and winter trees and dwarf shrub shoots will supplement their diet.


A fawn follows its mother waiting for a feed...






Not an albino, but one of the rarer of the deers four variations of their coat, pure white...


...the back of the white deer makes a good viewpoint for a Magpie.

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