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~~~~ Beaulieu and Bucklers Hard ~~~~

The tidal Mill Dam is separated by sluice gates from the Beaulieu River. Click on the image for a panorama.




Palace House, the home of Lord Montagu. The 8,000 acre Beaulieu estate, which includes Buckler's Hard and the river has been in the ownership of the Montagu Family for the last 500 years.

Buckler's Hard and the Beaulieu River

The Village Street - On the left the Shipwright's Cottage, the Chapel and the Master Builder's House. Buckler's Hard, was created in the 18th century by the second Duke of Montagu as a port for the unloading of sugar from the West Indies.


Visitors enjoying a drink in the autumn sun outside the Master Builder's House now a hotel, just before the hotel is St Mary's Chapel.




The chapel was created in the1880s from a shipbuilder's cottege and is still used as a place of worship.


The gold and white alter frontal was designed and made by Lady Belinda Montagu in memory of Lord Montagu's mother. The tree represents the Tree of Life, an oak, the timber from which Buckler's Hard ships were made.




The Duke's Bath House - Built by George the third Duke of Montagu so his son could swim in salt water indoors as well as outdoors.


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