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  Monday 25th May 2009

Bluebell Special

~~~~ Beaulieu and Bucklers Hard ~~~~

Beaulieu was called "Bellus Locus Regis" (The beautiful place of the King) when King John gave the grounds of his hunting lodge to the Cistercian monks in 1204. Later the Beaulieu estate came into the possession of the Montagu family during the reign of Henry VIII. Today the village is the home of Britain's National Motor Museum founded by Lord Montagu in the early 1950's and today it's recognised as one of the finest in the world. The local Beaulieu Garage in the centre of the village also specialises in classic cars and has some fine specimens on their forecourt.


The privately owned Beaulieu River.




Some of the local residents enjoying an afternoon stroll.


The church of Beaulieu the Blessed Virgin and Holy Child dates to about 1230. After the dissolution of the abbey by King Henry VIII all that remained intact was the refectory. Now the parish church, it's unusual as it's aligned north-south instead of east-west due to the fact is was not originally built as a church.


Part of the old abbey building.




The narrow Hythe to Lymington road winds its way past the Montagu Arms, from the Arms you can walk the 2 miles along the Solent Way to Bucklers Hard...


...the even narrower High Street...


...the picturesque village school...


...and a final look at the High Street.

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