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Crocus and Snowdrops - Could Spring Be On Its Way

Roadside crocus and snowdrops greet you as you arrive at Stoke Charity.






Beyond the snowdrops you can see the tower of St. Michael's Church.


The River Dever flows alongside the narrow lane between Stoke Charity via Hunton to Wonston.




A passing Mallard eyes an impressive piece of art in the form of a Kingfisher...


...while a female Mallard and below a Moorhen use the snowdrops and daffodils as home.








Mr and Mrs M...can you see the two fish the male Mallard is watching? With my very limited knowledge of fish I think they could be Brown Trout.


On the eastern side of Stoke Charity is a beautifully cared for private pond that's teeming with nature, in the photo you can just see three Canada Geese on the spit. Beyond that the village church of St. Michael's dates from the late 12th century. The chancel was rebuilt in the mid 13th century and the church enlarged in the mid 14th century.


A brief reminder that winter isn't entirely behind us...


...we'll finish where we started.

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