---------- Longparish - The River Test at East Aston ----------

Upper Mill at East Aston was built in the 1870s and remained a working flour mill until the early 1900s. Later it was used to supply electricity to the mill and Longparish House.                                                                 Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman

Cow Parsley

 Caddis-fly                                    Photos: David Packman

                                                                          Photo: David Packman


Built in late 2002 the new oak foot bridge over the River Test near East Aston Common. The original Long Bridge was made of concrete and metal and had badly deteriorated after many years of use.                           Photo: David Packman


                                                    Photos: David Packman

Driftwood.                                                                                                       Photo: David Packman


Raindrops.                                                          Photo: David Packman


After another summer of below average rainfall and with ever-increasing abstraction the water levels on both the Rivers Test and Itchen remain at a low level.                                                                                         Photo: David Packman

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