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  Photographs: Monday 23 January 2006
---------- Longparish and Forton ----------
The village lives up to its name, having one of the longest main streets in the county

The village of Longparish runs for about three miles along the upper Test Valley, and comprises the settlements of Forton at the southern end, Middleton and West and East Aston. The parish church of St. Nicholas with its flint and stone tower enjoys a beautiful position in the heart of the old settlement of Middleton. The church dates from the early 13th century although little if anything from that period remains, the tower was added in the 15th century. The photographs were taken during late October and early November.                                                                                     Photo: David Packman


Longparish has many old cottages a number going back to the 17th century, "Hampshire Treasures" lists over fifty.

Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


The village also has its share of modern houses.                                                                         Photo: David Packman


For more than half the 19th century the incumbent at St. Nicholas was the Rev. Henry Burnaby Greene who held the incumbency for an amazing 63 years. He was also responsible for the erection of the grindstone, and the Ashburn Rest (above) which is sited next to a spring. Much later during the 1980's the village hit the headlines twice, in '86 they won the Hampshire Best-kept Village Competition and the following year the cricket club achieved fame by winning the National Village Knock-out Trophy.

Photo: David Packman

                                                    Photos: David Packman

Photo: David Packman


A new species of Heron?                                                                                  Photo: David Packman


Photographed at the start of the winter, the River Test looking rather low after well over a year of below average rainfall.

Photo: David Packman

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