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  Monday 8th June 2009
Cheriton - The village said to be a turning-point in the English Civil War

King Ethelred's charter dated about 984AD granted lands at Kilmeston and Tichborne to Winchester Cathedral, although not mentioned by name some of those lands would have been in the modern Parish of Cheriton. Although the village is not listed in the Domesday Book it is identified by the name Cherytone in the 12th century. The Bishops of Winchester have been lord of the manor since 1316 and have let the land to various tenants most notably the Inkepenne family who held estates from 1353 to 1597. Cheriton is situated half a mile from New Cheriton, the newer part of the village is mainly residential and clustered around the crossroads on the main A272, Winchester and Petersfield road.


The River Itchen, which rises a couple of miles south flowing through Cheriton's attractive village green.


Click on the image for a panorama of the village green.


Warning! - The villagers are pround of their ducks which inhabit the green all year round.


Proud Mum and her brood have safely survived the road crossing.


Time for Mum to doze in the sun while the youngsters flex their wings and have a wash and brush up.


Some of the many attractive houses bordering the village green.




The river bridge leading to more houses and the village school. It's difficult to believe that Cheriton was once the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the English Civil War (see page 3).


This shallow stretch of the river is a tempting "toe dip".


Away from the tarmac along one of the many attractive footpaths surrounding Cheriton.

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