International Fleet Review Marks the Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar - Page 2

More of the many thousands of spectators who watched Monday's rehearsals.                              Photo: David Packman


The Sail Training Association ship Prince William entering Portsmouth Harbour.                            Photo: David Packman


The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fort George a Combined Fleet Support Tanker and Stores Ship.             Photo: David Packman


The sleek lines of the Indian Naval Ship Mumbai.                                                                        Photo: David Packman


A pair of hovercraft put in a brief appearance during the dress rehearsals.                                      Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


A pleasant way to watch the proceedings.              Photo: David Packman


One of the craft not in the Fleet Review.                                                                                     Photo: David Packman


The new Merlin helicopter which recently replaced the Sea King for anti-submarine duties.             Photo: David Packman


With everyone at sea the MOD Police keep a watchful eye on the harbour. In the background is the Spice Island area of old Portsmouth.                                                                                                                       Photo: David Packman

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