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  Photographs: Tuesday 28 June 2005
International Fleet Review marks the Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar

Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip sailed from Portsmouth aboard HMS Endurance to conduct a review of the ships taking part in the International Fleet Review. The biggest ever of its kind, the review was held in the Solent off Spithead and was the first major Spithead Review since 1977. The Royal Navy hosted an international fleet made up of vessels from the navies of over 30 countries. Many other craft, including merchant ships and some of the world's finest tall ships also participated in the 600-year-old tradition of a Fleet Review. Less formal than usual, children and Sea Cadets from all over Britain were also involved. More than 250,000 spectators watched the review from the shore and onboard the many hundreds of yacths in the Solent. Most of the photographs were taken at the rehearsal on Monday.

All at sea - An empty Portsmouth harbour dominated by the Spinnaker Tower. The masts and rigging on the extreme left belongs to HMS Victory while the other set belongs to HMS Warrior. Click on the picture for an enlarged image.

Photo: David Packman


The MV Balmoral takes hundreds of sightseers out into the Solent. Behind Balmoral are the masts and rigging of HMS Warrior the first ironclad warship.                                                                                               Photo: David Packman


HMS Endurance leaves harbour with the royal party aboard.                                                 Crown Copyright Photograph


The Type 22 frigate HMS Cumberland proudly flies the Union Flag.                                               Photo: David Packman


The Amphibious Helicopter Carrier HMS Ocean.                                                                          Photo: David Packman


The Anti-Submarine Warfare Carrier and Fleet Flagship HMS Invincible.                                        Photo: David Packman


Photo: David Packman


The Canadian warship HMCS Montreal.                                                                                     Photo: David Packman


Some of the many thousands of spectators arriving to watch the dress rehearsals.                        Photo: David Packman


The Logistic Landing Ship, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Sir Galahad.                                                Photo: David Packman


A Royal Navy Sea King from 771 Naval Air Squadron passes the viewing platforms on the Spinnaker Tower.

Photo: David Packman

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