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Jane Austen and Gilbert White two very different authors

Shire horses grazing in the grounds of Chawton House.


Two very different kinds of horse power.


And now on to Selborne...


...park in the village car park behind The Selborne Arms and walk back along the road to the Wakes Museum...                                                        

...passing some of the period cottages in the village...






"The Wakes" home of naturalist Gilbert White who is recognised as one of the fathers of ecology. The book for which he became famous "The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne" was published in 1789 and has been in almost continuous print ever since. The building is also home to the Oates Museum, commemorating explorer Francis Oates who explored South America, and his nephew Captain Lawrence Oates who accompanied Scott on the ill-fated South Pole expedition of 1911.




The kitchen is likely to have been a dining room for a large part of Gilbert White's life. The walls are painted blue as this colour in the 18th century was thought to keep flies at bay.


In 1753 White and his brother cut a zig-zag path into the hillside which takes you to the top of Selborne Hanger, the path which rises nearly two hundred feet is now in the care of the National Trust.


The two very different periods of the building is easy to see from the garden. The wing on the right was completed 1794, as for the rest of the building I've yet to find a date.

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