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...and finally a few from the "cutting room" floor

Salisbury Cathedral - A view from my school days. I remember sitting in class watching with great fascination steeplejacks sitting in their bosun chairs working at the top of the spire.


Memories of travel past. A smart, well turned out equipage enjoying a bracing drive in the sunshine.


A different type of horse power. A beautifully looked after MG and its occupants also enjoying the fine weather.


On a wing and a prayer.


Helicopter montage - During a three hour period these helicopters flew over the garden in Trevone. A Royal Navy Mk5 SAR Sea King from 771 Naval Air Squadron was returning to its base at RNAS Culdrose, the yellow SAR Sea King from 203 Squadron based at RAF St Mawgan and the police Eurocopter attended a memorial ceremony in the Camel Estuary. While the Cornwall Air Ambulance in the shape of a red Eurocopter picked up a casualty from the beach car park.


Realistic wire mesh displays of sheep at Hillier's Gardens near Romsey - the sheep looking quite flighty. These were part of the 2008 "Art in the Garden" display.


Kicking up a dust storm on a dry summer's day, this combine is cutting a field of oilseed rape. In the UK the crop was barely known until the 1970's, now around 400,000 hectares of oilseed rape are grown annually, currently the UK is about 90% self sufficient. Today's varieties of oilseed rape have been bred to provide an oil that is suitable for use in cooking and food processing. Known as vegetable oil, the oil is widely used by the food industry and is now being increasingly processed for use as biodiesel.


A fisherman casts his line hoping for a good catch, while on the other bank another fisherman had already achieved his excellent catch.




A far more proficient fisherman looks on with interest.


A fallow buck in the late afternoon sunshine at Bolderwood in the New Forest.


All wrapped up, packed lunch for a spider. We think this is a cobweb or funnel weaver spider, which we spotted in a roadside hedgerow.



Lunch time for a grey squirrel hanging upside down in a yew tree. One can't help admiring the acrobat manoeuvres of these cheeky chappies, even though they are classed as vermin by some.

Not an exotic sea anemone but a memory of November 5th - firework night


Up, up and away into the sunset of the old year. Goodbye and thanks.

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All Photographs copyright David Packman © 2002 - 2010 (All Rights Reserved)