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...and now for some of our feathered friends

A few of the many hundreds of our feathered friends that have flown past my camera lens - Curlew


An adult Lapwing keeping a watchful eye on one of its offspring below.




June, and its safe for this Red Grouse to raise its head above the grass and heather.


A Golden Plover trying to make itself heard above the wind.


Another moorland bird the chunky Stonechat.


A dishevelled female Blackbird with a tasty morsel for one of its young...


...not a new variety of male Blackbird with a white breast. In fact its a breast feather from a pigeon stuck to the Rowan berries.


A Blue Tit collecting moss.




The normally shy Jay becomes braver in autumn when collecting nuts to store for winter consumption. The Jay can carry several nuts in a pouch under the throat and will bury hundreds of nuts every autumn.


A Long Tailed Tit.


Robin - Posing for a Christmas card?


Male Green Woodpecker.


A Meadow Pipit with a tasty morsel in the shape of a cricket.


A Helmeted Guineafowl getting in a flap. Normally found from mid to southern Africa I can only assume this one and the rest of the flock were domesticated.


A Swallow resting before its long migration south to Africa.


A Little Egret dancing in the sea.




A meal beckons for a Grey Heron.

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