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~~~~~ Bosham Quay ~~~~~

Bosham Quay from the southern side of the harbour and below the reverse view. Click on the image above for a panorama of the harbour area.




Brent Geese make their way across the channel...


...while these two remain in the mud of the harbour looking for food.


The Australian Black Swan was introduced into this country as an ornamental waterbird, this one is probably one of the many that have escaped in the UK.


The 10th century Holy Trinity Church is one of the earliest churches in Sussex and one of the most important Saxon churches in the Chichester Diocese.


The impressive war memorial.



One of the larger houses on the southern side of the harbour.


Boshan Quay is lucky that is has extensive footpaths along its waters edge.                All Photographs © David Packman

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All Photographs copyright David Packman © 2002 - 2009 (All Rights Reserved)